Pokemon Go to Receive Legendary Pokemon Soon?

The latest APK version of Niantic’s Pokemon Go – APK v.0.69.0 – was recently datamined & it appears as if the developers are planning to introduce Legendary Pokemon to the game. Niantic did previously show interest in introducing Legendary Pokemon to the game so the data gathered by mining seems accurate.

The ventures of folks over at the SilphRoad Subreddit has brought a number of undisclosed Pokemon Go additions to attention. Some of these additions include a new event check-in mechanics, Chicago 2017 event badge, & exclusive Raid.

In addition to these changes, the code also contains details regarding the ability to close local gyms for players not participating in an event. It remains to be seen whether the local gyms will appear as ‘invisible’ for non-participants or will be used for special events.

However, arguably the most interesting find is the code containing different attributes related to Legendary Pokemon. Following are some details straight from the SilphRoad:

  • A new warning message if you try to transfer a legendary
  • A new check for Raid Bosses called get_IsEventLegendary
  • A new attribute for all Pokemon called: IsLegendaryOrMythic
  • A new error message if you try to deploy a legendary to a gym, called DISABLED_LEGENDARY_KEY

From the looks of it, it seems like Pokemon Go players will soon be able to battle against Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon. Fans have been waiting for an official announcement after being hyped up by the story of Trainers finding the supposedly first Legendary Pokemon Articuno last year.

Apart from these details, the code also contains some information related to minor bug fixes and localization fixes. However, nothing beats the anticipation of finally being able to battle against Legendary Pokemon. For a complete list of findings, head over to the SilphRoad Subreddit.

Pokemon Go is now available on devices running iOS & Android.