New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Show Off Awesome New Engine

A series of new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots have been released onto the internet, showing off how the game’s new engine makes it look even better and more beautiful than before. The game was given a tentative 2018 release date at Disney’s D23 expo last weekend, along with other movie announcements.

At the D23 expo we saw a new world that would be in Kingdom Hearts 3, as Sora, Donald, and Goofy would travel to the world of Toy Story, becoming toys while meeting Woody the Cowboy, Buzz Lightyear, and other well-known Toy Story characters. Some of the other Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots have taken us back to Mount Olympus, from the Hercules movie.

All of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots work together to show us not only a number of new worlds we’ll be seeing, but also just how good the game looks. Players saw the new engine at work with the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue game, which showed off the new visuals through a side-story starring Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Altogether the new engine looks absolutely beautiful, with better-looking and more colorful environments, better effects on spells and abilities, and more. Considering that many of the previous Kingdom Hearts games have normally gone to the same few worlds and used identical environments, new worlds like the Toy Story world and Mount Olympus will definitely be a welcome change.

Not to mention, with all of the new Disney movies that have come out in the time between the last few Kingdom Hearts games, there’s bound to be a ton of new places we can explore, along with some more familiar locations too.

Kingdom Hearts 3 still doesn’t have a real release date beyond sometime in 2018, but it will be coming out on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One whenever it does release on consoles. To see the new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots yourself, look further up the article.