We Might Not See Sephiroth Return For Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been revealed and Kingdom Hearts fans could be more happier. Since the game’s reveal Square Enix has been revealing new details about the game like screenshots. Sephiroth, the villain from Final Fantasy VII, is also part of the Kingdom Hearts world and has already shown up twice in the series but, might not appear for the third time.

Speaking with Mirror, game director Tetsuya Nomura talked about Kingdom Hearts 3 and revealed that he is not certain if Sephiroth will return in Kingdom Hearts 3. He added that his development team thinks that Sephiroth has appeared enough times in the series that featuring him now will feel redundant.

I can’t say for certain, I hope, hint hint hint. I can’t say for certain. In terms of Sephiroth, do you feel like you want to battle Sephiroth again? We can’t say anything at this time, but in terms of Sephiroth specifically, my development team are worried that we’ve had him come back so many times so they’re maybe worried it might be redundant at this point. We’re still deliberating on it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One but, the game could come to Nintendo Switch too. According to Tetsuya Nomura, KH3 on Nintendo Switch is a possibility but, not a priority for the development team as they are currently focusing on Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

The Nintendo Switch is definitely a very interesting piece of hardware, but if we lightly say, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll be on the Nintendo Switch,’ I’m sure people will come back and say, ‘But what about the PS4 and Xbox One? We want them out first.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming action RPG in development at Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Mirror