62.6% Of All iPhones Sold Are Still In Use According To Statistics

iPhone users stick to the Apple ecosystem. When you buy an iPhone or any other Apple product then the premium that you are paying is not only for the premium device but also for the ecosystem. According to figures, 62.6% of all iPhones sold are still in use.

While there are people that only use the iPhone and no other Apple product, it is highly likely that people that use the phone also get the iMac or MacBook Pro. That is how it works. Buy one product and you are getting into an ecosystem that you will most probably not get out of anytime soon.

If you are not convinced then according to the numbers, the iPhone 6 that was introduced in 2014 is still being used by 21% of the people that bought them. The iPhone 6S that came out later is still being used by 18% of the people that bought the device. This means that people are still using the device 4 years later.

Being someone that switches his smartphone every 6 months, I can confess that since I moved to the iPhone I have not looked anywhere else until recently and I have spent one and a half year without having the urge to upgrade. Now that I need to, I do not feel like leaving the Apple ecosystem even though the iPhone is the only Apple product that I use.

Figures also show that China is on top with 2.28 billion iPhones sold and at second place is the US with 120 million iPhones sold. It is very interesting to see how loyal iPhone users are. There is a good reason behind this as well. People that get used to the iPhone rarely go for any other device in the market. Let us know what you think about 62.6% of all iPhones still being used today.