Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off FIFA 18 Motion Capture Skills In New Video

Cristiano Ronaldo, the cover star for EA Sports’s upcoming FIFA title, has helped to produce a new video showing off how good the FIFA 18 motion capture software is. Considering that the game is already running on Frostbite, whatever new software EA Sports is running will likely make the game even better.

Cristiano Ronaldo helped to make the new video by putting on a motion capture suit and headset, before running through a simple series of motions; mainly, taking a deep breath before taking a free kick for a goal. While it’s not likely that EA asked every single team member of every team to motion-capture for them, the results still speak for themselves.

With all of the different players and movements that have to be motion-captured over the course of the game’s development, there’s a lot of work that goes into the most important part of FIFA 18. The FIFA 18 motion capture is priding itself on being one of the most authentic sports experiences, and the motion capturing is only one part of that, to say nothing of the stadiums, teams, player models, and more.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo has been in some controversy over the past few months, what with rumors that he would be leaving Real Madrid after allegations of tax fraud. While there hasn’t been any other information about that since the story first broke, there’s always the possibility that he may leave the team sometime in the future.

This would present a bit of a headache for EA Sports’s marketing team, which has made Ronaldo the face of FIFA 18, but the FIFA 18 motion capture video shows that he’s still a part of the game (unless the video’s old). In the meantime, FIFA 18 will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29 of this year.