Destiny 2 Seems To Run At 2160p On PS4 Pro As Bungie Had Promised

Destiny 2 beta is currently underway on PS4 and Xbox One for those who pre-ordered the game or had early access codes. One question which a lot of PS4 users have on their minds, especially those who own a PS4 Pro, might be the Destiny 2 resolution at which the game runs on the “4K console”.

According to Digital Foundry’s latest analysis, it seems like Destiny 2 does run on a 4K resolution with a locked 30 frames per second. However, the Destiny 2 resolution isn’t achieved natively and the game actually reaches the 4K goal by using checkerboard rendering, a technique which is fairly common on PS4 Pro.

Even with checkerboard rendering, Destiny 2 adopts a dynamic resolution scaling filter as well to keep the frames as steady as possible. On the horizontal axis, the resolution shifts between 3072 and 3840 depending on the scene. Even with these resolution specs, the game does look amazing in action and when standing still and taking in the view of the various planets.

The normal PS4 console seems to have Destiny 2 resolution at a native 1080p with locked 30 frames. The cutscenes on both consoles, however, look amazing while loading times have also been considerably improved from the first game. With the Xbox One X expected to launch later this year, the Microsoft console should also offer similar if not better visual quality as compared to PS4 Pro.

Destiny 2 open beta will start tomorrow for both consoles and end on 23rd July. A PC version of the game is also in development, the beta for which is expected sometime in August. As Bungie has previously confirmed, Destiny 2 PC version will feature unlocked frame rates and native 4K support so PC version seems to be the ultimate platform for the game if someone has a decent rig to run the game on those settings.