Destiny 2 Beta Glitch Lets You Have Infinite Super Energy For Inverted Spire Strike

Ever since the beta launched yesterday it’s been known that there are a few kinks to work out in Destiny 2. However, a new Destiny 2 beta glitch has become known to a lot of players, and that glitch gives you infinite Super energy during the Inverted Spire Strike in the beta.

The Inverted Spire strike is one of the three different things that players can do in the game’s beta, in addition to playing the Countdown mode in the Crucible and playing through the first mission of the game’s new story, called “Homecoming.” The Inverted Spire focuses on Guadrians traveling to the planetoid Nessus, where the Cabal of the Red Legion are facing off against Vex.

In order to activate the Destiny 2 beta glitch, players have to fill up their super by killing enemies at the first part of the Strike until Fallen arrive on Pike hoverbikes. Following that, activate your super as you get on one of the bikes, then immediately go to your inventory and switch your primary back and forth once.

With that done, you will now have as much super energy as you could ever want, allowing you to use the super again and again for the rest of the strike. With how powerful Super abilities are normally, this might even allow you to rampage through every enemy that you come across during the Strike, and the boss at the end may only give you minimal trouble.

This is merely another Destiny 2 beta glitch that Bungie will have to fix before the game comes out on consoles in early September, so hopefully players can take advantage of the glitch for the rest of the beta period, which runs until Sunday. Currently the beta is playable to pre-order holders on both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, with the open beta coming on Friday.