Destiny 2 Beta: What Has Changed Since The First Game

Destiny 2 Beta has started and gamers are playing the game to see if the game is what Bungie is marketing it to be. Bungie has already revealed that it has made some changes to the upcoming game compared to the first like the weapons system and how exotics work. Here, we will discuss what has changed in Destiny 2 beta compared to the first game in detail.

As for the gameplay, Bungie has not changed much but, there are definitely some subtle changes to the formula. From what we have seen in Destiny 2 Beta, the overall gameplay is pretty much the same but, the subtle changes from Bungie makes it even more exciting.

Sub classes have been tweaked a bit since Destiny. Each class now has different Super Abilities in Destiny 2 beta compared to the first game some of which are exactly the same. However, these same abilities have some different aspects that make all the difference like, Golden Gun of the Hunter class can fire up to 6 times which is effective to get a kill but not many kills.

Moreover, in the Crucible players will only get one super instead of 2-3 supers. This shows that Bungie wants to change some things but, not so much that it would alienate the existing player base in Destiny.

Let’s talk about the setting. Destiny 2 picks up after Destiny but, this time Traveler and the Last City on Earth has been taken by the Cabal. However, the story was never a strong point for the first game so there is not really a comparison between the two.

But, if Destiny 2 beta is any indication then Bungie has definitely improved upon it. From what has been showcased so far, Destiny 2 has equal proportions of humor and action. So, I am very optimistic in terms of setting and story that the game will be better compared to the first.

Weapons System
Like we already said that Bungie has tweaked the weapons system for Destiny 2 and after playing Destiny 2 beta we know clearly that Bungie has made some interesting and useful tweaks.

In Destiny, we had three main weapons category namely, Primary Weapons, Special Weapons, and Heavy Weapons. Each having a set of guns that can only be equipped in that particular category like “Auto Rifles” could only be equipped as Primary Weapon and Fusion Rifle could only be equipped as Special.

However, in Destiny 2 Bungie has flipped the weapons systems. Instead of Primary and Special categories, In Destiny 2 beta Bungie has divided the weapons into three categories Kinetic Weapons, Energy Weapons, and Power Weapons.

In the new weapons system, players can only equip one Kinetic and one Energy weapon but, it lifts the barrier of Auto Rifles being only the primary one. Now, if the Auto Rifle is Kinetic it will be equipped in Kinetic and if Auto Rifle is an Energy weapon then players can equip two Auto Rifles in their respective categories. Now, if this change to the weapons system is good or bad that depends entirely on you.

As for the PvP, Bungie has added a new game type called “Countdown”. However, this game mode in Destiny 2 beta feels like Call of Duty’s search and destroy in which players either have to attack or defend and have only one chance per round but, they can be revived.

While it is a breath of fresh air but, I am not exactly sure if this kind of fast gameplay fits the game.

So these are the changes we noticed in Destiny 2 beta and we are hopeful that Bungie will refine the game even further for its final release.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.