Creators Collection Of Xbox Live Creators Program Is Now Available To Select Few Xbox Insiders

Microsoft is finally getting ready to release the Xbox Live Creators Program as they have confirmed that a few alpha ring Xbox Insiders have been sent invitations to test out the features of the system and the games it currently offers.

The Xbox Live Creators Program was announced back in March as an offshoot of ID@Xbox, which will continue to work alongside it, to provide indie developers a platform to easily publish their games on Xbox One after a certification process. Now that the program is in the hands of some Xbox Insiders, we will finally be able to see it in action pretty soon.

Creators Collection, where the games from Xbox Live Creators Program will appear can be viewed from the Games section of the Xbox Store. The games in this section will live in their own distinct Creators Collection area and won’t appear in the normal store so that those who aren’t interested in low budget indie titles don’t have their store experience ruined.

Besides giving small scale developers a platform to easily showcase their games to the world and counter Sony’s increased focus on indie games for PS4, the Creators Program is also meant to further bridge the gap between PC and Xbox One by finally introducing Keyboard and Mouse support to the console was revealed back in May.

While on the surface, Creators Collection does sound like a great initiative from Microsoft to seek out potential new development studios and to give dedicated developers a way to show their product to the world, this isn’t the first time a gaming platform has attempted something like this.

Valve launched its Steam Greenlight program a few years ago and it flooded the Steam store with mostly shovelware. While Microsoft’s decision to keep these games in a separate section on the store is nice, they need to do something else to ensure quality as well. For this very reason, Valve was forced to retire Steam Greenlight and introduce Steam Direct which requires creators to pay a small fee upfront to publish the game. Hopefully the Xbox Insiders testing it out can give feedback on such things.