Banner Saga PS Vita Version Cancelled As Developers Run Into Trouble With The Handheld Port

It seems like the dream of seeing Banner Saga PS Vita version is now dead as the developers have now confirmed that the amazing game project is canceled after years of troubled development and Sony’s help in porting the game to the handheld console.

The Banner Saga PS Vita version was announced a couple of years ago and since then there hasn’t really been any information regarding its progress. It seems like Stoic and Versus Evil have had a troubled development cycle for the Vita port of the game. Despite numerous attempts to ensure the game runs smoothly, they failed and ultimately decided to cancel the project.

The statement released regarding the Banner Saga cancellation from Versus Evil reads

The game needs a lot more time to get it to the conditions we expect for Vita and Banner Saga fans. To add to this, it does not include a lot of the finishing touches and updates the Stoic team has since launched on the other platforms. Essentially, it would take more time and funding to make this port a reality and despite the best efforts from multiple studios, we have all agreed that this is the best course of action for right now.

The full press release can be seen here which mentions Sony, Code Mystics and Stoic’s help in trying to bring the game to PS Vita.

It is strange seeing the developers fail with the Vita version of the game especially since they managed to create iOS ports among other platforms. For those interested in trying out the amazing Banner Saga franchise, those other platforms including PS4 still remain an open option.

Hopefully, the Banner Saga franchise doesn’t die after this and the developers find time to consider a third installment or something similar set in the same game world. Stoic’s acquisition of the trademark after a long dispute should ensure that there aren’t any hindrances, at least when it comes to naming the games.