Studio Wildcard Co-founder Responds To Dean Hall’s Comments Regarding Ark Survival Evolved Price

Earlier this month, DayZ creator Dean Hall had some interesting words for Ark Survival Evolved price hike and said that the game did not deserve to be sold for the price of a full AAA title when the quality was nowhere close to it.

Studio Wildcard’s co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz has now responded to everyone’s questions and explained in more details why the price was increased, doubled actually, from $30 to $60.

I don’t know if we really communicated to the player base exactly why it happened, we’re honestly sometimes not as focused on communication as we should be

He also said that the community team of Studio Wildcard also manages the Quality Assurance side of the game so they can be overwhelmed.

While this is in no way a real excuse for the lack of communication between developers and people who have already paid for a product, Jeremy seems to be sticking with it. Given the popularity Ark Survival Evolved has on PS4, PC and Xbox One and the amount of money which has already been given to developers during the early access phase of the game, a dedicated community staff could have been hired.

Jeremy mentioned that the retailers who would be stocking the game on shelves once it leaves Early Access were insistent on this price.

They wouldn’t accept the digital version being cheaper than the retail version, We always intended the game to be $60. What would have been ideal would have been raising the price at the exact point of transition from Early Access to retail but for the pre-orders it was necessary.

As for responding to Dean Hall’s comments on the game, especially calling the price hike as “****ing outrageous” Jeremy said the exact same thing which pretty much anyone who has had an experience of DayZ does. Maybe Dean Hall should consider finishing his own game, DayZ, first before voicing an opinion over others. After all, DayZ has been in early access since 2013, long before Ark Survival Evolved and entered beta just this year.