Adi Shankar Talks About The Challenges And Plans For Assassin’s Creed

Comicbook recently had a chance to interview Adi Shankar, the producer behind projects like Dredd, the gritty short film Power/Rangers and more recently, Netflix’s Castlevania animated series. Considered by pretty much everyone as one of the best video game adaptations, the Castlevania series released this month and now we have more information on what is next for the series directly from the main man behind it.

Adi talked about how the first season was mainly designed to lay down the foundation for the story which the creators are going to be telling in season 2. He also talked about some of the difficulties the team faced when creating the show, mainly when it came to making the show for mature audiences.

Considering the game and franchise it is based on, making the Castlevania series for kids, like most of the animations in the west are, would have ruined the source material. Adi mentions that this was a big challenge for them as they wanted to make sure that the core essence and grittiness of the Castlevania world wasn’t lost.

He was also hopeful that given the success and overwhelmingly positive response to just 4 episodes of Castlevania will finally bring back the era of 2D animation and we might see the return of more classic animations like Vampire Hunter D and Ninja Scroll.

Since Adi Shankar was also recently named as the showrunner behind Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed animated series, he was also able to talk a bit more about that. As for what kind of tone can be expected from that series, he said

Audiences have grown accustomed to a certain tone from me. Seriously, I’ve made/been a part of thirteen projects with a similar tone. I don’t plan to deviate from that tone in the near future.

This suggests the Assassin’s Creed series will be a bit more different from the game series. While the games are intended for mature audiences, the show might increase the grittiness factor a few notches. Adi, however, couldn’t specify what time period or game the series will be based upon but rest assured, he has played all the games so the project seems to be in safe hands.