What Does Aaryn Flynn’s Departure Mean for Bioware’s Anthem

After 17 years of service, Aaryn Flynn has left Bioware in the middle of Anthem’s development.  Flynn was not only the general manager at BioWare but the director of Anthem as well.

In the past 7 years alone, he headed the development of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and more. In a heartfelt post on BioWare’s blog, Flynn said his final goodbye to the fans as he explores other opportunities. He mentioned that he trained his successor to the best of his ability and will now be leaving by the end of this month.

I have been contemplating changes in my own life for some time, but when I heard that Casey Hudson had confirmed he was up for the task, I realized the opportunities before us. I will be working with him over the next couple of weeks to help catch him up and do my part of setting him up for success to be the best GM he can be.

The big question here is that how does his departure will affect Anthem? Casey Hudson is a seasoned creator and was working with Microsoft Studios on Xbox, HoloLens, and other projects. Since Anthem is releasing next year, the majority of work should already be done by now and the rest should comfortability be handed over to Hudson. The problem will arise if Hudson, instead of following the existing scope and vision for the game, decides to give it his own color.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it may increase development cost as well as cause delays. Hudson is a veteran and the guiding of Flynn should help him finalize BioWare’s Anthem and ship it on time.

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