Spider-Man Might Be Announced for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite at San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel Games will be hosting a panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con this week, which will see to some sort of reveal for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

A teaser was shared earlier today and fans have been asked to keep a wary eye out for the impending reveal. The original post features an image of Spider-Man, who is rumored to be part of the roster of characters when the game releases later this year. Neither Marvel nor Capcom has yet hinted on the inclusion of the web-flinging hero. However, considering that rumors for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite have so far been pretty accurate, we might be seeing Spider-Man get announced for the brawler soon.

The 2017 San Diego Comic-Con is scheduled to take place on July 20 and the panel of Marvel Games will commence from 1:00 p.m. PST. The discussion will last for just an hour but we might be treated for a few gameplay trailers as well.

During the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) over the weekend, the developer confirmed Jedah Dohma as the next playable character for the game. For those unaware, he is over 6000 years old and hails from a noble heritage of the demonic race featured in the Darkstalkers franchise. This will be the first time that Jedah is making his way into the Marvel vs Capcom series. Previously, we have mostly seen the female cast such as Morrigan make the crossover.

The only other Marvel character that has yet to be revealed would be Ant-Man. Venom has already been ousted as a future downloadable character and will be part of the first expansion pack.