Destiny 2 Beta Tips and Strategies – Weapons, Hunter, Titan, Warlock

Destiny 2 beta is underway on PlayStation 4 and will soon hit Xbox One before going live to PC next month. The following Destiny 2 beta tips and strategies guide will help you do better in the game and understand some aspects such as how to utilize each class to its full potential.

First, we will discuss weapons and loadout tips. Classic weapons such as Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Scout Rifle are back for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 beta also features new archetype weapons such as an SMG. Each archetype weapon come with its own specific use and utility so selecting main two primaries is crucial for both PVE and PvP.

If you are in a PVE game it is best to make sure your elemental and power gun are of different elements. High-level enemies often use an elemental shield so having different elements offers a better chance of matching the element of his shield to cause more damage.

Meanwhile, in PVP games elemental guns play an even greater role. They will do extra damage to your enemies in their Super. Keep in mind that the elemental damage on any weapon does not have to match element of the super.

Your inventory in both modes should always have one long range weapon, and mid-range rifle or a side arm.

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Destiny 2 Beta Guide

Destiny 2 Beta Tips and Strategies – Titan Class

Sentinel Titan and Striker Titan are both good for PVE and PVP. You can use your Titan’s Rally Barricade to hide behind barricades, peek over and shoot the enemy. Keep in mind that your weapon will reload itself when you duck behind.

You can hold L1+R1 while having the Super energy to put up a ward of dawn for better defense. You can use this tip to handle the situation where you are taking heavy damage.

Moreover, you can throw your Sentinel Shield Super at enemies by pressing L1. The exotic weapon of the Titan class deals more damage the longer it is fired.

Destiny 2 Beta Tips and Strategies – Warlock Class

Both Dawnblade and Viodwalker subclasses can deal some serious damage in Destiny 2 beta. The nova bomb is able to seek out enemies and split into smaller bombs to deal damage. However, if you are on the receiving end of a nova bomb just shoot at it to make it explode earlier.

Warlock Voidwalker is able to drain super energy to make its grenades deal more damage on a larger radius. Hold L1 to use this new mechanic.

Meanwhile, the Dawnblade Warlock can dodge enemies in mid-air. Press O or B twice while in the direction you wish to move. Warlock is also able to deploy a healing rift which can be even more effective if there are more than one Warlock on your team.

Destiny 2 Beta Tips and Strategies – Hunter Class

Arcstrider and Gunslinger hunters have a dodge and tumble ability. The dodge ability will allow you to reload your weapons automatically while tumble allows you to avoid damage and giving you melee energy.

Both of these abilities can help you survive a gun fight in PVP matches. Moreover, Arcstrider becomes more effective when dodging. Meanwhile, a melee attack after dodging allows you to have increased range attack. Dodging in your Arcstrider super makes the following Arc Staff more lethal.

Playing in the Crucible, you need to remember that the timer will reset if you take damage while reviving your teammate.