Destiny 2 Exotics: How They Work, All The Exotics We Know So Far

Destiny 2 beta has started and gamers are trying out the game for themselves. With the upcoming sequel, Bungie has changed the weapons system a bit and has also promised that there will be more exotics compared to the first game. Here we will discuss all the Destiny 2 exotics that we know so far and how they work.

Firstly, let us talk about how Destiny 2 Exotics work. Players will be able to only equip one exotic weapon and armor meaning only one exotic item can be equipped on each side of the loadout screen. Also, there are some small changes to how weapons and armors work in the game.

Weapons will not have any unique rolls meaning each individual weapon will have the same stats like the other and players will have to add them. As for the armor, increasing the stats of the armor works similar to how sub-classes worked in the original Destiny.

Also, it is yet unclear as to how players will unlock exotics and also Bungie has not talked about the return of XUR in Destiny 2.

Now let’s discuss the Destiny 2 exotics we know so far. Before we start, it is important to mention that the exotics mentioned below are those that we currently know of and there will be way more in the final release.

Of all the Destiny 2 exotics we know so far, three of them are probably the most popular ones and are also part of the Destiny 2 beta namely Sunshot, Sweet Business, and Riskrunner. Also, these Destiny 2 Exotics are fairly easy to find, for each of the starting classes players will receive one exclusively.

Hunter class will get the Sunshot, Titan class will get the Sweet Business, and Warlock class will get the Riskrunner.

Sweet Business is a Kinetic Auto Rifle and its perks include increased hip fire accuracy, holding down the trigger boosts this weapon’s range and rate of fire, and automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine.

Sunshot is Solar Hand Cannon and its perks include Explosive rounds, highlights targets, Targets killed with Sunshot explode in Solar energy.

Riskrunner is an Energy Arc Submachinegun and its perks include Taking Arc damage increases weapon power. When Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo.

Cold Heart is another one Destiny 2 Exotics and its reveal was probably the most interesting one. This exotic was revealed at E3 2017 live stream with a replica held by The Big Show. However, no other details are known about this weapon.

Another one of the Destiny 2 exotics is “Borealis” which allows players to change between the three elemental attacks in one weapon and is a timed PlayStation exclusive.

These are a Destiny 2 Exotics we know so far. Did we miss anything that should be here? Let us know in the comments.