Destiny 2 Beta Exotic Weapons Guide – How to Unlock Three Weapons, Homecoming Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 welcomes back the Guardians with a Homecoming mission. During the starting stages of the mission, you can unlock three Destiny exotic weapons. Destiny 2 beta exotic weapons and Homecoming mission guide will help you complete the mission as well as unlock weapons.

The Homecoming mission will be reintroduced to the cast, mechanics, and central hub from the first game, and the changes that have been made. Original Destiny players can use this mission to experiment with different classes. You can use Titan, Warlock, and even Hunter to experience the changes the developer has made to each class.

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Destiny 2 Beta Exotic Weapons Unlock Guide

After the first cutscene ends go through the burning corridors and kill the enemies you find in these areas. You will come across Cayde-6 here as well. Check your inventory to see a number of different weapons at your disposal. You will have Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. Once you meet Lord Shaxx he will hand you an exotic weapon of your choice, so here is your first exotic weapon.

The type of exotic weapon you get depends on your class. Shaxx offers a hand cannon to the hunter, Titan gets an auto rifle, and the Warlock class can get its hands on a Risk Runner. Play three times with each class and you will unlock three different exotic weapons.

Once you have the weapon, follow the corridors in the hanger until you reach the Centurions.

These enemies use shields to protect themselves and are much tougher to take down. Take them down and go through the burning debris. You will reach the Tower Plaza where another wave of enemies is waiting for you. Clear the area and go meet Commander Zavala, our Titan Vanguard.

Here is where you will get to face your first major challenge. There are three waves of Cabal are waiting for you. However, the situation is not that difficult once you get behind Zavala’s shield. Ride out the wave of explosives and take down the three waves of enemies.

You can test your melee attacks as well as Super for your respective class in this area.

Head to the Speaker’s chamber and speak with Ikora Ray, our Warlock Vanguard. After taking down the drop pods Zavala will ask you to come aboard the Command Ship. Go through the double doors to reach a new section of the tower map. Move through the market to reach the Cabal Incendor troops. Shoot the fuel canisters which will take them down quicker.

Reach the next courtyard and Amanda Holliday will help you board the command ship. The ship will drop you off to a different location. Go up the two ramps and take out the enemies nearby. Ask your Ghost to download the schematics of the area and find the shield generator.

Keep on the corridor until you reach Pashk. Use the pillars for cover and use your power weapon to take him out. Reach the top of the ramps and face Cabal Gladiators, Psion, and their leader Brann. Utilize the space around you pick him off. He has three different HP bars so it will take some work to take him down. Use your Super and Power weapon to cause more damage.

Go through the next set of doors and you will face more enemies in a hanger. Reach the platform below and reach the following corridor to face Kreth. Aim at the head to deal more damage to the enemy. Once he is down, reach the shield generator room.

There are three exhaust turbines you need to destroy. Drop down below the rotating arms and you see three pits where you can land and shoot at each turbine. Once you are done, go through the new opening and get off the command ship. However, you will come across Ghaul himself when you try to get off.