Sony Is Looking For Beta Testers For The Next PS4 System Software Update

Sony is gearing up to release another major PS4 system software update which means they are now looking for beta testers to try out the update before it can be released for the general audience. Beta testers as suggested by the name get to try out the beta build of these updates for an early look at features and help the developers figure out issues.

Just like all there other major updates recently, Sony has now opened up a portal where people can sign up to become a beta tester for the next PS4 system software update where they get early but bugged look at the upcoming PS4 features.

To sign up, anyone interested will just need a PS4 console, internet connection and should have access to the Master account on their console. The PS4 system software update sign ups will go live today. Those selected will get a prompt to download the beta update, try out the features and send feedback to Sony so the issues can be fixed before final release.

If someone has been selected to be in the beta program but doesn’t want to continue using the beta update, they can simply opt out of the trial and roll back to the previous PS4 system software version.

The beta will start in early August which is when Sony will reveal more details of what the users will be able to try out in the update. As always, the trial only has a limited number of spaces so Sony urges users to only sign up if they really want to test the update and are ok with the inevitable issues. They also ask that those who are in the beta should send regular feedback so that problems in the update can be fixed as soon as possible.

Despite holding numerous beta tests for their PS4 system software update, some issues still tend to sneak past Sony and end up ruining the experience for normal users.