Valerian: City of Alpha Tips and Strategies Guide – Collecting Resources, Best Crew, Gear Crafting, Reputation

Valerian: City of Alpha Tips and Strategies Guide to help you build the best space metropolis possible. We have listed some tips and tricks for you to build, manage and develop your space metropolis easily.

After reading this guide you will be able to hire the best people for your crew, run your ship effectively for missions, collect resources easily and crafting the best gear for your shuttle and agents. We have also listed some tips on how to improve your reputation in the game.

Valerian: City of Alpha Tips and Strategies Guide

In this Valerian: City of Alpha Tips and Strategies Guide we have detailed everything that you need to know to build the most amazing and thriving space metropolis ever.

Valerian: City of Alpha Tips and Strategies

Keep the Agents Busy

While you are out on space missions, your agents will find different resources, help boost your reputation and track down occasional blueprints. Make sure you are sending them to missions that they can easily complete. If they tackle a mission that is too difficult for them, they will fail miserably.

Always keep a lookout for their power level and make sure it is suitable for the mission you are about the send them on. Always check the power level of a mission when you begin it. Some agents will have powers which will make missions easier. So always keep your agents busy in missions. Therefore, never let them sit idle.

Collect & Manage Resources

The Hologrid on Alpha is the place to generate and collect almost every resource that you require in the game. To get these resources, you will need alien species that can make them for you. You can check on the Hologrid which of the species are willing to make Alpha their new home.

To attract them, you must first create some comfy spots for them in the habitat. Once they like their new homes, they will start making new resources for you. Therefore, the better you organize all of those species, the more efficient they will be. You can find new species when your agents are out exploring the universe during space missions. Some alien species if placed along certain other species on the Hologrid will produce rare resources.

Build the Best Crew

Power levels are everything in Valerian- City of Alpha. They are keys to the universe. So, if you manage to hire an epic or legendary agent you will give the Power Level of your crew a serious boost. Better the agents in your crew, higher their power level will be. Equip your crew with the best and the latest gear. Craft the items in the factory and extra gear is bound to give your agents bonus abilities.

Craft the Latest Gear

You earn blueprints after completing missions as a reward. As soon as you unlock blueprints, you can start crafting them in the Factory. To craft an item, you will require some resources and cash. You can also speed up a crafting job if you are low on time or you want to equip an item for your next space mission.

This causes the item to complete instantly. Always equip the best gear, both on your agents and your shuttles. This will allow them to explore new and potentially dangerous areas easily quickly.

Maintain a Good Reputation

If you maintain a good reputation with the alien species, you will earn rewards every time you level up. It will also allow you to put species in more habitats as they will be happy with you. Therefore, the best way to improve your reputation is to send your agents and shuttles on lots of space missions.

Every galaxy in the game is home to specific species. Completing missions in a specific galaxy will improve your reputation with species of only that galaxy. Try to keep a good reputation with as many species as possible and you will earn a lot good rewards.

This concludes our Valerian: City of Alpha Guide. If you want to add anything, feel free to use the comments section below!