My Diggy Dog Guide – Finding Rare Chests, Bravery, Daily Rewards, How to Defeat Enemies

Carry on your master’s legacy with our My Diggy Dog Guide. This guide details important tips and tricks for My Diggy Dog as you must learn the basics and some advanced features of the game. Since the game is a hybrid of Spelunky and Gem Miner type of games, your goal is to explore the hidden depths and collect hidden artifacts and treasures.

With this guide to exploring and collecting artifacts along with surviving the dangers within. With the help of this guide, you will complete your Marty’s collection in no time.

My Diggy Dog Guide

My Diggy Dog Guide details everything you need to know about exploring the depths and collecting valuables in My Diggy Dog.

My Diggy Dog Tips & Strategies Guide

Upgrade your Backpack
Upgrading your backpack is a very important thing to do as it will save you a lot trips to the item seller. At the start, you can only hold one item in your backpack so it is very important that you upgrade your backpack as soon as possible. It will save you running back and forth between the seller and the caves.

Items you collect have different monetary value. Some will sell for 3 to 5 gold while some rare items might even go for 2000 gold. Item value is not known until you sell them so it is important that you keep bringing items to the seller to sell them until you upgrade your backpack.

Upgrade Diggy Dog’s Bravery
After upgrading the backpack, the next thing that you must focus on upgrading is the Bravery. Bravery means the maximum depth limit Diggy Dog can go without getting scared. Upgrade Bravery to go even down in the caves and explore the deepest of the depths for riches. If you go beyond your Diggy Dog’s comfort level he will enter a scared state and start losing health.

You can easily tell how close to your limit are you by the little ghost icon on the status bar. As you go down, it will start draining and once it is completely empty you must come up to replenish it. The first upgrade is pretty cheap but the second upgrade is very expensive worth 5000 gold. However, at the start, the first upgrade should be fine for you.

Dig Slow
Since you cannot go up and collect valuables, always dig slowly. Dig one block at a time. If you miss a valuable and it is above you, you cannot dig it out. So it is very important that you dig slowly. Dig one block at a time and keep your eyes out for valuables because once it goes up, you will not be able to dig it out from there.

Plan Ahead
You cannot just keep on digging without any advanced planning. Once you have dug a path, there is no going back. Dig slow and steady to give you enough time to plan ahead. Always have some food with you and always plan for your next upgrades. Save gold for the upgrades that you really need. Dig simple paths that can be branched to left or right sides without any problems.

Always keep one chicken leg, on first aid kit and some dynamite with you for deep dives. Dynamites will be handy in scaring off most enemies as well as the destructible boulders.

Find Rare Chests
On your expeditions, you will often find a treasure key. These treasure keys open rare chests that contain rare relics to add to the Relic Site. Keys are easy to find but the main deal is to find the rare chests so you must always keep your eyes open for those chests. These chests could be hidden anywhere so make sure you explore every nook and cranny for them. You can even dig out entire rows for these rare chests just to make sure that you do not miss any.

Collect Prizes Regularly!
You can collect prizes from two places. First, visit the granny’s house. She will give you crystals each time you complete a certain achievement. There are many achievements that you can complete to earn more crystals. So keep on completing achievements and earn more crystals.

Another way to get free prizes is by collecting daily prizes. All you need to do is visit the carton box on the surface and wait for it to open and give you a daily prize. This is a little bit tricky to find out so make sure you find it as soon as you start playing the game and then afterward you visit it daily to collect your reward.

Destroy Gray Rocks
You can destroy the gray rocks, unlike orange rocks which cannot be destroyed. These gray rocks can be destroyed to reveal hidden pathways behind them. They will have special loot crates and valuable artifacts. Remember that you will need special keys for the special loot crates.

Avoid Enemies
While playing the game, try to avoid enemies as much as possible rather than blowing them up with the dynamite. Although there are not a lot of enemies in the game, the few ones present in the game are very dangerous. They are much faster than Marty so forget the idea of running away from them. Your best bet is to try to avoid them all together however if nothing else is an option, use a dynamite.

Use your Jetpack
Your Diggy Dog has a very useful jetpack strapped to it. It has unlimited fuel so use it whenever you want. The best use of this jetpack is to avoid fall damage while falling down. Whenever you are falling down a great deal, use your jetpack to slow the fall down and avoid the fall damage.

Jetpack is also very useful to get back to the surface. If you have created a vertical shaft, simply use your jetpack to zoom straight up. The longer you boost straight upwards, the faster it becomes.

This concludes our My Diggy Dog Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!