Microsoft Needs To Seriously Consider Virtual Reality For Xbox One, Says Farpoint Developer

Virtual Reality has been getting a lot of attention from developers and publishers since it was introduced in the game industry. While Sony is on the front line with its PSVR but, Microsoft on the other hand is not showing much interest in Virtual Reality and according to Farpoint developer, Microsoft should look into it.

Speaking with Finder, Seth Luisi, founder of Farpoint studio Impulse Gear, talked about Virtual Reality and suggested that Microsoft should be interested in it. While he did not mention Microsoft by name but, Microsoft is the only major console manufacturer that is a bit behind in VR department.

I think VR is a new kind of medium that adds a huge amount to interactive entertainment, including games. So it would be hard to see it not being adopted by consoles or having consoles come out that do not support VR. Because I do think it is a game changer in many ways. We are still at the very beginning of it, and it is going to continue to evolve and get better and better. Having played so many great VR games and experiences, it would be very, very sad if that didn’t move forward on consoles.

However, Microsoft is not completely out of touch with Virtual Reality. The company is working towards VR/AR, however, Microsoft has clarified that it is more focused on PC for VR/AR rather than Xbox One.

According to Microsoft general manager Dave McCarthy, Microsoft is intentionally focussing on PC for VR and AR. He further added that VR is yet to receive any groundbreaking experience that will showcase its true potential but, that is not exactly the problem with the system.

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Source: Finder