We Finally Have A More Detailed Look At Code Vein Characters

Bandai Namco has released some background information on two characters from its upcoming Dark Souls clone, Code Vein, from the developers of God Eater. The information comes from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine and focuses on two of the side characters in the game.

The first character, who also featured prominently in the game trailers and footage, is the female Revenant, Mia Karnstein, who accompanies players through the land of Vein. Mia’s brother is extremely important to her and to protect him, she won’t even hesitate to fight other Revenants. As shown in the gameplay footage of Code Vein, Mia is a long-range character and uses ranged weaponry equipped with Bayonets for up-close attacks. Her special power, or Blood Veil as it’s known in the game, is Stinger which is sort of like a long tail that can attack enemies.

The second character in the magazine is Yakumo Shinonome, a former mercenary with a strong sense of duty and a soft heart. In Code Vein, he fights using a giant sword and his Blood Veil is known as Hounds, which turns the hem of his jacket into the head of a wolf which devastates nearby enemies.

Code Vein is currently set for an early 2018 release. Despite being a lot similar to Dark Souls games, the game doesn’t have any development input from From Software. The game mixes Dark Souls style dark and somber environments and gameplay with God Eater-esque anime character design making something of a unique game.

While the trailers of the game might have hinted at a generic character, the game will offer players the opportunity of customizing their character to their own liking so no two characters will be the same. Similarly, players can also alter their gameplay style as they won’t be tied down to just one skill tree and unlock others as they progress through the game.