Inaugural EVO Japan Event Will Surprisingly Feature ARMS for Nintendo Switch

The Evolution Championship Series (EVO) has always been targeted at the western audience. However, early next year, the largest fighting games tournament will expand by hosting its first event in the heart of Japan.

Over the weekend, the organization confirmed the long-awaited list of games that potential participants should start preparing for. It comprises of seven titles for the inaugural EVO Japan and is as follows:

  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • Blazblue Centralfiction
  • King of Fighter XVI
  • Super Smash Bros for Wii U
  • ARMS

The list of featured games is unsurprising except for the notable inclusion of ARMS. The motion-powered fighting game released for the Nintendo Switch only last month. The company has already exclaimed great interest in pursuing the dream of esports. This is the first time that ARMS has been confirmed for EVO, but the game has already seen a couple of major events.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last month, Nintendo held an Arms Open Invitational for the public. It was accompanied alongside by a Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational, which was on a larger scale. Following that, Nintendo announced ARMS Grand Prix to take place later this fall for only Japan.

EVO Japan was announced last year at EVO 2016. Many were under the impression that it would happen sooner. According to the organization, the 2018 date is by design. The team behind the event needs time to finalize certain elements, as well as participants who might need to plan in advance to make the trip.

EVO Japan scheduled to be held between January 26-28 at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo. The town is famous for being a prime shopping district for video games, anime, and manga. It also features a large number of arcades, boasting a storied fighting game legacy.