New Game of Thrones Episode Had The Last of Us Reference, The Community Reacts in the Best Way

The Last of Us is one of the biggest video game franchises to ever release. It is not only popular in the gaming industry but its popularity is touching other industries as well. Last night’s Game of Thrones episode had a quote from The Last of Us, which is nothing short of a nerd marriage – Game of Thrones meets The Last of Us.

Jaime Lannister tells her sister Cersei that ‘We’re the last of us’, a direct reference to Naughty Dog’s popular The Last of Us video game series. The community quickly took notice of the reference and social media exploded. Fans of both franchises were ecstatic to know that David Benioff added the quote.




And here is a girl who wants to have a Game of Thrones wedding with PS4’s installed to play The Last of Us.




While the 7th season of Game of Thrones is underway, TLOU2 is still far off. The second game in the series will see the return of Joel and Ellie. However, there are some theories that suggest otherwise.

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