Drop Rates for Overwatch Loot Boxes Confirmed for All Regions

Back in May, Blizzard was forced by Chinese authorities to disclose the drop rates for Overwatch loot boxes in the region. However, as it happens with almost every game, the rules prescribed for China are not necessarily the same for other territories.

Last week, the developer made public the drop rates for Overwatch loot boxes in South Korea. Today, Blizzard has confirmed to Dot Esports that the same probabilities apply across all regions. Hence, the calculations and assumptions undertaken by fans for unlocking items comes to an end.

Players have the chance of receiving a single Epic item from five or six loot boxes. A single Legendary item follows the probability of jumping out from one in every thirteen or fourteen loot boxes. Roughly, that equals out to be a 18.19 percent chance to earn an Epic item, and a 7.4 percent chance of receiving a Legendary item.

Every loot box is guaranteed to include four items, of which at least one will be a Rare or better item. The content not only includes skins but also emotes, voice lines, sprays, victory poses, highlight intros, and player icons. Skins come in Rare, Epic, and Legendary tiers. Emotes are mostly Epic, though there are a few Legendary ones. Victory poses are Rare and highlight intros are Epic, leaving the rest under the Common category.

Last month, Blizzard announced that it will soon be adjusting the loot boxes to reduce the chances of unlocking duplicate items. The changes are currently available on the Public Test Region (PTR) and should go live in the coming patches.

Earlier this year, a new regulation was passed by Chinese authorities that forces publishers to disclose the drop rates of items in their respective games. The ruling was enforced by the region’s Ministry of Culture to make sure that publishers are not scamming players by hiding low, unfair drop rates. Knowing the odds helps the community to decide whether they want to risk spending money on a rare or flashy item.