Destiny Crucible Lead “Always Wanted to Make Something Better,” Not Happy With PvP

Destiny Crucible, although not the perfect mode, it had some great features and overall was a fun mode to have. Millions of gamers engaged with the Crucible mode. However, its creator and lead developer was not happy with it. Bungie’s Lars Bakken was never happy with Destiny Crucible and always wanted to do something better.

His statement answers the question of why Bungie decided to overhaul the Crucible in Destiny 2. The PvP mode will see a number of changes in Destiny 2 which is something Bakken always wanted to do. In a recent interview, he stated:

There’s a lot of people that internally were like ‘why would you change this thing that people obviously enjoy’ and the answer is it’s not as good as it could have been. The answer is even though we created something that you know millions of people loved, I was never happy with what we created and I always wanted to make something better and so it was easy for us to talk about how can we make this better.

Destiny 2 beta on PC is starting sometime in August but there is no final release date mentioned for the time being. However, it is rumored to be in the final week of August. Meanwhile, the beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starts on July 18 and July 19 respectively. Players will, hopefully, get to try out the Crucible mode and experience the changes first hand.

Destiny 2 is releasing later this year, if you are looking to run the game on PC here are the specs and other details you need to know

Destiny 2 is expected to sell 3 million units in three months, according to recent predictions.