Destiny 2 Nessus Planet Gameplay Shown In New Teaser Trailer

Destiny 2 beta will be available today for those who pre-ordered the game or managed to get an early access code but to hype things up even further, a new Destiny 2 Nessus gameplay trailer is out showcasing the planetoid Nessus alongside exploration and combat which the players will be doing in the area.

The footage is especially useful as it sheds a proper light on some of the new activities coming to Destiny 2 such as Lost Sectors alongside the returning ones in the form of Public Events. The Destiny 2 Nessus footage also shows some parts of the map when players are on the planet alongside new icons for activities, side quests and unique Cabal enemies in action.

While the gameplay trailer is brief, it does deliver a lot of content and should be enough to get Destiny fans hyped for the Destiny 2 beta which starts in a few hours on PS4.

One of the most anticipated changes in Destiny 2 is also shown in this Destiny 2 Nessus footage as it confirms that patrols will have multiple landing zones unlike the first game so players will not have to travel the entire map in order to reach certain areas where the quests are located.

As shown by the map, there are total 37 points of interest on Nessus which include adventures, landing zones, treasure maps and more. There are also locations marked by a Ghost Icon but Bungie still hasn’t confirmed whether the Dead Ghosts collectibles from the original game will be returning in Destiny 2 or not.

Destiny 2 beta players will be able to visit Nessus as part of the Inverted Spire co-op strike however they won’t have full access to the planet so their experience will be limited until the game is fully released in on September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One.