Dark Souls Gun Game Mod Is Now A Reality, Players Level Up Or Down Based On Hits

Gun Game is a pretty popular game mode in shooters like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, however, it seems like the gameplay concept will now be making its way to Action RPGs in the form of Dark Souls gun game mod which essentially works in the same way as those shooters.

Created by a Reddit user Bqm11, the Dark Souls gun game mod forces the game to only level up players when they connect a hit with the enemy, similar to getting kills in the shooters from where the mod originally comes from. Dying or getting hit by enemies incur penalties on the players and they can be sent back to the start of a level, forcing them to progress again.

As an added bonus tier of fun, the Dark Souls gun game mod also adds a loot system through which players gain better gear by leveling up. According to Bqm11:

For example, you start at level 1 wielding a very low tier weapon and no armour then after smacking an enemy 3 times you level up granting you a slightly better random weapon and you can continue to level up until you get hit or reach the cap,

This no hit policy of the gun game mod should entice more and more players to go for no hit runs of the game similar to some other dedicated fans who managed to complete both Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 without getting hit even once.

Despite From Software’s initial reservations regarding the launch of Dark Souls franchise on PC, it seems like the game series fits right at home on the platform. Not only have the games seen great sales but their community remains dedicated as ever, still playing even the oldest game to this date and finding out new and unique ways of making their game sessions fun.