Alice Madness Returns Creator Begs Fans To Stop Asking Him About The Third Game

Despite 6 years having been passed since the release of Alice Madness Returns, there is still no word on when the third title in the franchise will release or if it is even in development or not. This has the fans of the games on edge and they have been tweeting out a lot to the creator, American McGee. However, it seems like McGee might not be a fan of those tweets they seem to be annoying him now.

In a recent Q&A on his blog, American McGee reminded fans once again that the matter is out of his hands and EA owns all the rights to the Alice game franchise, a dark and disturbing tale on the classic story from Lewis Carrol. According to McGee, EA will not allow anyone to crowdfund for the third game so he can’t even create an independent project and if someone has issues with the lack of a game, they should take it up with EA.

I HAVE NO CONTROL over the Alice rights, EA’s decision-making process, or anything at all related to Alice, Alice merchandise, Alice adaptations, etc, etc. EA are aware that you’d like a new Alice game and that RJ Berg and I would be happy to assist in the design, writing, and development of such. We simply need to wait until EA think the time is right for a new game

Back in 2013, McGee started a kickstarter fund for another project in the same world, an animated series which apparently did not infringe on EA’s control of the property. The project successfully reached its kickstarter goal and those who backed it have been delivered their rewards while two Alice: Otherlands shorts are up on Youtube for those interested in seeing them.

While McGee has been critical of EA in the past and his tone from this message might seem a bit annoyed, he assures fans that this was not his intention but they should also keep his sanity in mind as all these questions keep him from focusing on other projects.