Something Iconic is Returning for Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 will see the return of Gummi Ship, according to a recent statement by Director Tetsuya Nomura. The transportation device is yet to be shown in any of the game’s videos but they exist, Nomura confirmed. It is still not the right time for the developers to discuss Gummi Ship details.

Speaking at D23 expo, Nomura stated that while he can confirm the Gummi Ship, they can not say what has become of it and how it is in the game. His statement also mentioned that they will share more about it in the near future, so fans should stay tuned.

In terms of the Gummi Ship making its return, I can confirm on that, but how it is or what has become of it, we’re not able to reveal it at this point. We ask you to stay tuned for more information.

The Gummi Ship is a popular feature in the Kingdom Hearts universe. It is yet to be confirmed but presumably, the ship is tied to Disney’s Gummi Bears cartoon that ran from 1985-1991. The ship was present in Kingdom Hearts 1 as well as Kingdom Hearts 2.

Nomura stated that the developers understand that for such a feature to continue it needs to evolve and justify its presence in the game.

The staff members on our development team always want to try something new, so even with previously introduced mechanics, they always try to make it their own or tweak it. Even if it is small or minor, we customize it so that it’s for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018. The game is also being considered for Nintendo Switch but there are some issues.

Source: GameInformer