Project Cars 2 Runs Great on High-End Cards, What About Low-End Cards?

Project Cars 2 apparently works really well on a Titan XP which is a positive sign. According to the community’s finding, the title runs at 4K with 80FPS on Average while and it peaks out at 120FPS on the mighty TITAN XP.

The test bench included an i7 6850K combined with Titan XP. Every setting cranked up and SMAA Ultra used as AA. The game running at such a high framerate is an indication that it would be much better optimized than the original Project Cars. However, benchmarks for lower and mid-range cards will truly show where the optimization stands.

The real question is indeed regarding its performance on cheaper cards and we are yet to see any sort of stats for Project Cars 2 on lower-end cards. The uncertainty here poses a worry for players with a 900, 700, or lower end specs.

Meanwhile, over at the console department things are looking up as support for Native 4K on Xbox One X is confirmed. The title is running at native 4K/60FPS on Xbox One X. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements are still undecided.

Slightly Mad Studios has also revealed that the development team is working hard to bring the game to PSVR but, added that they can’t make any promises. According to Creative Director Andy Tudor, the studio is working on PSVR version of the game and added he can’t confirm the game releasing for PSVR because there is a lot of work that remains to be done before that.

Project Cars 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC later this year.