Overwatch’s Upcoming Doomfist Looks A Lot Like Jack And Tekken Creators Have Noticed That

Blizzard recently released a list of all the cosmetics Doomfist will have available at launch when he makes his way to live servers. One of this skins closely resembles a character from another franchise and creators of that franchise were quick to remind both Blizzard and the world.

In a Tweet from the official Tekken 7 account, Bandai Namco compared one of Doomfist’s Overwatch skins to an iconic character from their own fighting game series, Jack who is also usually referred to as Gun Jack. In the Tekken franchise, Jack is a military robot designed for killing and his robotic hands resemble Doomfist’s fist.

Due to that similarity, Blizzard ended up creating a Doomfist skin which pays homage to the iconic Tekken character. Of course, the tweet was all in fun and Bandai Namco didn’t really mean to imply that they would be suing Blizzard for the similarities or anything. The communities of both games seemed to react well to the comparison as well while some people also mentioned that Jack’s design himself was based on Sieger from Samurai Showdown.

Just like every other Overwatch character, Doomfist will be spending a few weeks in PTR to balance him for the live servers just so he doesn’t ruin the current “balanced” state of other characters. It seems like the decision to test Doomfist out in PTR was a good move on Blizzard’s part as, after one week of testing, the character got a nerf to one of his abilities for better balance.

The melee Damage character should be available on live servers by the end of this month or early August, probably around the same time as the rumored Summer event. According to some datamined information, Doomfist will be getting Summer themed events, at least four of them with a high chance of a legendary skin besides the legendaries already revealed so far.