New Spider-Man PS4 Footage Shows A Behind The Scenes Look At The Game

Thanks to Disney’s D23 Expo, we have another inside look at the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game from Insomniac. Marvel and Insomniac Games presented the new game footage during the expo’s gaming focused event, Level Up! The Walt Disney Company’s Video Game Showcase.

The footage mainly focuses on behind the scenes work at the Spider-Man PS4 game along the lines of artwork, developer interviews, and some gameplay footage. The footage also shows Spider-Man fighting against Kingpin, one of his notable villains. Besides Kingpin and Negative Man, the game will also feature a huge roster of villains which will force players to shake up their combat style similar to what Rocksteady’s Arkham games did when going up against Batman villains.

Even though it has only been a month, there are also reports that web swinging has already been improved from what was shown at E3 2017 conference, allowing Peter to gain speed easily while swinging around the vast map of New York City. Insomniac revealing that a large number of animators are working on the game also seems to strengthen previous claims that there have been no downgrades since E3 2016.

Speaking of Peter, Insomniac Games has already revealed that the game will not be an origin story and in fact, Peter has been working as Spider-Man for almost 8 years by the time the game begins. Therefore, it is possible that Miles Morales, as hinted from the E3 trailer, will be ready to take up the mantle with Peter serving as a mentor.

Spider-Man PS4 currently doesn’t have a concrete release date besides the general release window of 2018. The game is being developed exclusively for PS4. Due to its open world nature, while the game will have PS4 Pro support, Insomniac has confirmed that 1080P with 60FPS will not be possible even on the improved console.