10 Things You Should Know Before You Play Destiny 2 Beta for the First time

The Destiny 2 beta is almost here with early access for those who pre-ordered the game on PS4 and Xbox One set to begin tomorrow. The open beta for public will, however, be starting on 21st July for both platforms. Given the hype surrounding the sequel, it is inevitable that a lot of new gamers will want to try out Destiny 2 and see what the franchise is all about.

For such players, we have compiled a list of some of the things they should keep in mind before jumping into the world of Destiny 2. The list should be highly beneficial for those who haven’t played the original game but will also help players of the original Destiny who haven’t exactly been keeping track of the game’s development.

  1. Beta Timings:

As stated above, the Destiny 2 beta will begin on 18th July for those who pre ordered the game or managed to get themselves an early access code through some giveaway. The timings for the beta are given below

Destiny 2 PS4 Beta Early access: July 18th 10AM PST

Destiny 2 Xbox One Beta Early access: July 19th 10AM PST

Destiny 2 Open Beta: July 21st 10AM PST for both platforms

Destiny 2 Beta end time: July 23rd 9PM PST for both platforms

  1. Beta Content:

Similar to the original game, Bungie has confirmed beforehand all the content which is available in the beta for players to test out in order to get an understanding of what they will experience in the game. For those who don’t end up liking it, depending on the retailer the pre-order can be cancelled.

Story Mission: Homecoming

Crucible (PvP) modes : Countdown and Control

Crucible (PvP) maps: Vostok and Endless Vale

Co-op Strike: Inverted Spire

Sub-classes: Dawnblade, Arcstrider and Sentinel

Social: The Farm, however this will only be accessible for one hour on July 23rd at 10AM PST

The Destiny 2 beta, both early access and open beta, will not contain Clan support or progression so players cannot level up their character and then have that character transfer over once the full game comes out. However, players will be able to earn an emblem by playing the beta and this emblem will be available in final game.

  1. Gameplay Changes:

According to Bungie, Destiny 2 will focus heavily on story and characters to a point where the players might even complain about the amount of narrative content the game has, something which the first game was severely lacking. Destiny 2 beta will feature one of the story missions from the game so let’s see how narrative focused the new game is.

Alongside the improved focus on story, the game will also redesign the weapon slots and armor stats for all players. Weapons are now under three different categories; Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons. Several of the same primary and secondary weapons such as hand cannons and auto rifles are part of both energy and kinetic categories. However, elemental weapons especially Fusion Rifles can only be used in the Energy weapon slot.

The power weapon slot will feature the usual Heavy weapons such as machineguns and rocket launchers while also bringing in new additions like the Grenade launcher. There are some secondaries thrown into the mix as well like Shotguns.

  1. Locations:

Destiny 2 will feature four new locations for the players to visit and adventure in similar to the first game which had players traveling to Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. In Destiny 2, players will head to the European Dead Zone on Earth where the new social space, The Farm will be located. Besides Earth, players will be visiting Titan, one of Saturn’s moon, a planetoid by the name of Nessus and Io, a moon of Jupiter. Players will once again be taking part in regular missions as well as patrols, Adventures and Lost Sectors in these four locations.

  1. Traveling Between Locations:

One of the major issues players had with the original game was the constant need to travel to Orbit in order to switch activities or visit other planets. This ended up putting players through a long loading screen. Destiny 2 will change this formula and players will be able to jump from one planet to another without being forced to the Orbit first. Considering the Destiny 2 beta takes places across different locations in the game, players will be able to experience this for themselves.

  1. Subclasses:

From the reveal and subsequent game footage, we know that Tower was destroyed and the Traveler imprisoned which stripped Guardians of their powers. This allowed Bungie to not only introduce new subclasses but also overhaul the old ones.

Each of the game’s three main classes will be getting a fourth subclass in Destiny 2. Dawnblade Warlock gets access to flight ability and shoots down firebolts while a Titan Sentinel can equip a shield and use it to knock enemies down or throw the shield around. Hunters will get the staff wielding Arcstrider subclass which plays somewhat similar to Bladedancer and has players engaging in up-close combat.

  1. Crucible:

Crucible is the PvP mode in Destiny and in Destiny 2, the mode returns with some big changes. Unlike the original game, all modes in Crucible will now be 4v4 to keep the action tightknit and competitive. The HUD will also be getting an upgrade to provide more useful information such as when the enemy picks up Power Ammo or have their Supers ready.

Countdown mode, the one mode currently confirmed to be new in Destiny 2, will have attack and defend scenario.

When a Control match begins, both teams will have one point captured from the start. They can choose to defend their own point and capture the third point or go for the enemy’s point. Multiple players on a point will no longer increase capture speed.

  1. Character Transfer:

While Bungie has already confirmed that loot from Destiny 1 won’t carry over to Destiny 2, on account of the Tower being destroyed, players will still be able to transfer their old characters to the new game. However, even though the characters can be transferred over, the transfer will only be limited to race, class and appearance. Players won’t gain any sort of level boost when transferring over to Destiny 2. In order to start a transfer, they must have first reached 20 and completed the Black Garden story mission from the first game.

  1. Returning Content:

Besides the Crucible returning, we know that the PvE content of the game will also retain the same structure for the most part. The game will still offer co-operative Strikes for fireteams of up to 3 players. One of those strikes, Inverted Spire will be playable in the beta. Story missions will also be returning, this time more in number and filled with story content and cutscenes. Once players hit the level cap, they will also be able to play Nightfall strikes, the challenging version of normal strikes with some extra modifiers active. So far, one Raid is also confirmed to be in Destiny 2 although there is no further detail about it yet. The Raid will not be accessible in the Destiny 2 beta.

  1. PC Version:

Destiny 2 will also be making the franchise debut on PC, however after the console release and there is currently no fixed release date for it. Instead of Steam, Bungie has partnered up with Blizzard to deliver Destiny 2 exclusively through the Blizzard client, previously known as Battle.net. Destiny 2 PC version will also offer a wide variety of visual options including support up to 4K resolution and uncapped frame rate. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 PC beta will not be happening this month and is expected to begin sometime in August.