Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide – Ship Construction, Miracles, Ship Placement

Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide will teach you all the tips and strategies that you need to know about Warship Commanders. You will command and manage large fleets of ships and captains in the game t destroy your enemies at the sea.

Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide will go over some important tips and strategies that you must follow in order to own your enemies. We will tell you everything there is about getting news ships and captains, when to attack, how to attack, how to place ships, setting up flagships and using miracles.

Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide

Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know about Warship Commanders. We have all the tips and strategies so that you can own the competition with ease.

Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies

Construct New Ships

As the game starts, it will give you a very good and thorough guide to everything that you need to know about the game. You might find the game a little too complicated at the start but this guide will help you sail across the oceans without any problem. Complete the tutorial to get a basic know-how of the game.

At the start, you will have a fairly good number of ships which quickly dispose of the enemy. As you progress further in the game, the enemies will become tougher and your ships will be no match for them. At this point, you will need to upgrade your existing ships or build new ships. For new warships, you can either progress through the campaign or build our own warships.

To build a new ship, you can either use the in-game currency that is diamonds or pay via real-world currency. You can also buy new ships using real-world currency. So you must increase your number of ships in your fleet to make the game easier for yourself. If you do not build more ships, this can cause problems at higher difficulties.

Hire New Commanders

Just like Warships, you need to keep hiring more commanders so they can effectively manage your fleet. Hiring new commanders will lead to effective management of your fleet. More the commanders and ships, better will be your fleet.

Three methods can be used to hire Commanders. They are Direct Recruitment, fusing Commander Souls or exchanging Commander Souls. Each Commander can have up to four skills which will determine how effectively he will handle your fleet.

Always Attack First

The first attacker always has the upper hand in this game and it can mostly determine the outcome of the battle. You can make sure that you always get to attack first is by having a high Enemy Search number. Each ship in your fleet has an Enemy Search number. The player with the highest Enemy Search number gets to attack first. So make sure your Enemy Search value is high.

Place your Ships Effectively

The game gives you freedom as to where to place the ships in the battle. This is called “adjusting array“. The normal formation is divided into three rows and can accommodate a maximum of 12 battleships each.

Your front row ships will take the bluntest so make sure that you place your strongest ships in the front row. Therefore, Choose ships with high HP and good defense stats in the front row to defend the ships at the back. Put the damage dealers in the second and third row as their attack stats are relatively high.

Set a Flagship

You can set a Flagship for each of your sub-fleets. Flagship determines which skills can be used by the commander. You must choose the strongest ship in the sub-fleet to be the Flagship, this will maximize the damage caused by the Captain’s skills. If your flagship gets destroyed, your fleet automatically sets the next ship in line as the flagship in that particular sub-fleet.

Using Miracles

Miracles are power ups for your commanders. They are found in various spots and sites inside the game. You can also buy miracle chips from the Blackmarket and then activate the Miracle when you have enough Miracles. When you activate a Miracle, they will let you perform a certain action that will enhance your in-game performance for a limited time.

This concludes our Warship Commanders Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!