Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Beta Will Start Next Week With Two Teams

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 beta will be starting up next week on July 20, and will be arriving with two different teams, the national teams of Brazil and France. Pro Evolution Soccer is the closest thing to a rival to the EA Sports FIFA games, even though it’s not as successful.

Perhaps one of Konami’s few remaining Triple A games, Pro Evolution Soccer is a close competitor to FIFA, and it seems like they’re still not giving up when it comes to competing against EA. Pro Evolution Soccer already released several bits of news about the upcoming game, including that a yet-to-be completed stadium will be appearing.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 beta, though it will only have two teams available for people to play as, will have two different game modes in a playable state: one-on-one online play, and a new game mode, three-on-three online play. With this new game mode, you and other friends you have online that play PES can all play together with each other without having to wait and see who plays the loser and winner.

The beta will be starting on July 20 and will run for eleven days, going to the end of the month. Hopefully, what we’ll be getting in the game’s beta are only a part of what we’re going to be getting in the full game. PES 2018 will be releasing on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and last-gen consoles on September 12.

If you want to play the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 beta, all you have to do is download it on the Playstation Store, since Playstation Plus isn’t required to play it and the beta is open. So, if you don’t think FIFA is for you, or just want to check out the competition, download the beta on July 20 and take part in a game or two.