New Bethesda FAQ Tells The Evil Within 2 Story, Protagonist Searches For His Daughter

A new Bethesda FAQ that was posted on the company’s website has gone into detail about the Evil Within 2 story, telling us what the setup will be for the sequel to Bethesda’s third-person shooter horror game. The game will focus around protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he tries to rescue his daughter.

Castellanos’s daughter only featured into the backstory of the original game, being relegated to diaries that you could find across the game. His daughter, named Lily, was apparently killed in a fire sometime before the start of the game, which resulted in his wife appearing to go nuts and disappear while investigating the incident.

However, it seems as though Lily didn’t die in a fire after all, and is alive, which means Sebastian will once again have to go into the horrific mental world of the STEM in order to find her and bring her back.

The problem is, at the start of the Evil Within 2 story, Sebastian has been fired from the police department due to attempting to investigate the mysterious Mobius organization, which hasn’t gone very well as everyone that could help him is either missing or dead, and no one else believes him.

Sebastian will be going back to STEM, though it will be a new world. Called Union, the world is using Lily’s own mind as a core, and as such she’s in control of what happens. Considering she’s a little girl that is undoubtedly traumatized by her experience, we may encounter just as many horrifying things in her mind as we did in Ruvic, the previous antagonist.

The previous Evil Within game got a lot of criticism for a confusing story and a huge amount of technical glitches, so hopefully Bethesda has put more thought and work into it this time and the game will actually run well. The Evil Within 2 will release Friday, October 13, for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.