Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide – Wizard Letter, Power-Ups, Finding Umbrellas

Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide to tell you different tips and strategies for playing the game. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to play the game and we explain in detail important elements of the game such as how to choose upgrades, what do the level ups do, choosing the right character, and other game elements.

These tricks and tips will make scaling the tower much easier because the game gets rather difficult after reaching the halfway mark.

Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide

Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know to survive the tower scaling without dying again and again.

Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide

Pick the Power ups Wisely

You will get various upgrade paths when you are leveling up for the first time. This first time, you can pick any level up on the board. After that, you must follow that path and select power ups that are adjacent to the first level up. So you must pick the first path wisely. Let’s see what the level ups do.

  • The yellow star is your stun power. Higher stun power will keep enemies stunned for longer when they’re hit by your projectiles.
  • The blue lightning bolt is your magic. Higher magic power fills up your magic gauge quicker, allowing you unleash big blasts of magic more often.
  • The green boot is your movement speed.
  • The red heart restores an extra life. If you are already on full health, this will not increase your number of lives so picking a heart when you are full of health will waste the heart.

Each time you level up, a screen will appear that prompts you to upgrade either your speed, stun or magic skill. It is up to you to upgrade whichever skill you want to upgrade. If you do not have a heart then go for a heart first as playing with an extra life always helps.

Always consider the base stats of your character whenever you are picking an upgrade. If your character has a weakness, always focus on upgrading the weakness first so that there is a balance between the stats of the character. This also removes their weakness.

Manage your Enemies

Managing your enemies is an important aspect of the game. You will fight many different types of enemies including big bosses. You should be able to defeat multiple foes at the same time with minimum effort. Normally, you take out enemies by first stunning them and then kicking them.

This is very simple at the early levels but as you progress towards higher levels. At higher levels, you will encounter eggs that spawn enemies at a delayed timer so you must take out the other enemies by utilizing this timer.

In some areas, you will find some wooden boxes too which release another monster. However, they can damage once before they open. You can easily ignore these boxes if you are good enough to take out all other enemies before the boxes break open. Be patient and wait for them to open before dropping down to stun them.

Collect WIZARD Letters

While playing the game, you will often find bottles with letters inside them. Collecting all these letters spell out the word W-I-Z-A-R-D, and once you have completed the word, you will be transported to a bonus level. In this bonus level, there are four big gems and a bunch of small gems that you can collect before they disappear.

For any duplicate word that you collect, you will be awarded with extra points. Getting to the secret room is good for collecting gems and bonuses but you should not try too much-collecting letters as you might end up killing yourself. Always grab the letters if you are close to them and away from danger. Letters will spawn randomly so keep collecting until you complete the word.

Keep a Lookout for Umbrellas

Umbrellas are very rare items in the game and will spawn from time to time. There are two types of Umbrellas in the games. Yellow Umbrellas give you a bonus of skipping two levels ahead. The Red Umbrellas are the real deal as they make you skip eight levels in a row. So whenever you see an umbrella, always try to get it as soon as possible.

Pick LaaL or Kallio

Drop Wizard Tower has a total of six wizards that you can choose from. Each wizard has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best out of these wizards is LaaL. He can be bought for 150 Gems and is immune to any type of fire trials. His magic power allows him to create a big trail of fire behind it.

Any enemy that touches this trail of fire, dies instantly or takes damage. This ability is very good as it has a very high consistency of damaging enemies. He also has a decent stun and speed.

Another good choice for picking is Kallio. He can raid down rocks and can remove one health bar from bosses automatically. This is very useful late game. He has the lowest speed but he compensates for this slow speed with an incredible stun stat.

One hero that you must try to avoid is Baburu. He does not offer anything special and can hardly win a tough level so it can cause problems for you later at higher difficulty levels.

Hidden Timer

The game does not show any timer on the screen but there is actually a timer for every level so if you take too long to complete a level you will end up failing it. Before this timer ends, you will be notified with the words “Hurry Up”. For normal stages, this is not really a problem but in boss stages, this timer is a real problem and pushes you to take risks so you can complete the battle in time.

This concludes our Drop Wizard Tower Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!