Stephane Jankovski Talks About The Crew 2’s Open World Gameplay

Stephane Jankovski, the producer of The Crew 2, went to E3 this year and talked about The Crew 2’s open world gameplay, which he said is intended to remove all sorts of barriers for players in order to open up the world to all sorts of crazy stunts in the game.

These include stunts like going off a ramp to get onto the rooftops of New York, you can take shortcuts around the city, and that’s just in New York itself. The previous entry in the Crew series allowed players to drive all around a smaller approximation of the United States, allowing them to go on road trips anywhere they wanted.

Along with removing a lot of the barriers to driving around in new ways, The Crew 2’s open world also brings up a large number of new vehicles. Now you can drive boats, fly planes, and a lot more to get even more of the world open to you. You’ll also be able to get into these various vehicles from the very beginning, so if you want to fly around or go out on the water instead of having to be stuck in a car until you get to a certain level.

Whether The Crew 2 will also have an always-online system, however, remains to be seen. Its previous entry in the series had such a system, which became one of the reasons for the game’s mixed reviews much like other always-online games. With the game having to be constantly online, various glitches and connection issues plagued the gameplay experience.

The Crew 2 will be coming out sometime in 2018 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and if you want to experience The Crew 2’s open world, all you have to do is wait until its release date to see just how much bigger the game’s world is.