Square Enix Finally Announces The Release Date Of Final Fantasy 15 Magitek Exosuits

Final Fantasy 15 is finally set to receive the “power rangers” update after months of delay due to copyright issues. Square Enix has now officially announced through their Final Fantasy 15 Japanese Twitter account that the Final Fantasy 15 Magitek Exosuits will be available in the game sometime this month as a free update.

The Final Fantasy 15 Magitek Exosuits were revealed a few months back but since then they had been delayed because they looked similar to the Power Rangers suits from the recently released movie. It is unclear whether the suits have been reworked now or not, and if they have, there are no images to showcase the new design of the Magitek Exosuits.

While the worlds of Final Fantasy games have pretty much always blended in science and magic, these Final Fantasy 15 exosuits might be truly unique. The outfits are designed to make Noctis and the gang invulnerable to all damage for 30 minutes after equipping them. Once the timer runs out, the exosuits can’t be worn again for the next 24 hours.

Since it’s release and great reception back in 2016, Square Enix has been constantly rewarding fans with free content alongside regular paid narrative DLCs in the form of “Episodes” focusing on specific characters of Noctis’ party like Gladio. Taking it one step further, the developers even held a survey to ask fans which character they would like to see appear in a DLC after the current ones have been released.

While there is still no word on a PC release for the game, there are rumors that it will be coming out in 2018 and will require a pretty beefy PC due to the high-end visuals and open world of the game. Hopefully, the game does get released on PC with all the patches released until that time such as the recent 1.10 which added new recipes to the game.