Microsoft Allows Personal Photos As Profile Pictures With Latest Xbox One Update

Microsoft has finally allowed users of the Xbox platform to be able to use their own photos as Xbox Live profile photos with the latest Xbox One update. Referred to as custom Gamerpics, the new Xbox One update allows users to upload a photo from their Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or a smartphone to be used as their profile picture instead of using Xbox Avatars or generic photos.

These custom Gamerpics can also be used on the club’s profile picture and background picture beside being used as the user’s profile picture. Of course these custom Gamerpics must adhere to the Xbox Live service’s code of conduct and should be safe for work as they will be visible on all Xbox Live services.

According to Microsoft, the feature was one of the most requested from XBL users and has been in beta testing since March, finally ready for release now with the new Xbox One update.

The Xbox One update also allows console users to take part in co-streaming on Mixer, Microsoft’s own streaming service to rival Twitch. The co-streaming feature had been available on PC ever since Beam, Microsoft’s old streaming service, got rebranded to Mixer but on consoles, it was only available to Xbox Insiders until now. With this feature, Xbox One owners will be able to stream games with up to 3 other friends in a party, letting viewers watch a split-screen view of their gameplay.

The July Xbox One update will also enable linking of Xbox Live Gamertag to specific controllers for those who have multiple Xbox Live users in the same household. As soon as the controller is powered on, depending on which Gamertag the controller is tied to, that Xbox Live profile will be logged in.

To facilitate this update, Microsoft will also be updating the Xbox app on Android and iOS, especially to help Xbox Game Pass users to browse their library through the app.