Mini DayZ Guns Guide – Where to Find a Gun

This Mini DayZ Guns Guide will tell you where to find the weapons to survive the Zombie Horde easily. The best way to defend yourself in DayZ is to find a weapon as soon as possible. Just like any other survival game, your survival here depends on how good are you with weapons, as you will need to defend yourself from zombies. This article will give you tips about where to get weapons as soon as possible.

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Mini DayZ Guns Guide

In our Mini DayZ Guns Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding a weapon in the game.

Where to Find a Gun in Mini DayZ

How to Get a Gun
You must try to find a gun as soon as possible as you will not probably survive for long without one. So try to find a gun as early as possible. For this you must know where to look exactly instead of wasting your time searching all over the map. This article has you covered on this.

In Mini DayZ, there are different types of buildings and every building will have a different composition for loot that will spawn in it. Residential buildings will more likely hold things like food, water, bandages and clothes. However, larger buildings will hold items like helmets, backpacks and if you lucky, weapons.

This scavenging is all based on luck and you might or might not find a gun in the random buildings. So you must head to the one place that has a very high chance of giving you a gun. You must explore the map and find a military base.

Military bases have guns most of the time and you will easily find one there. However, the most agile zombies called crawlers overrun military bases. Crawler run on all four and they will be in attacking range in no time. Their weakness is that they have low health. You must try to keep them as far as possible.

When you find a military base, you need to approach it very carefully. There is no other way of determining the locations of such bases so you must explore the area before you find one. Approach the base very slowly once you have found it. Be wary of any zombies lurking near the base. Soldiers also protect some military installations so you must be extra careful while entering a military base.

After figuring out the general layout of the area and surveying the area, enter the base slowly and look around in tents and other structures inside bases. You will find ammunition, military gear and even guns spread in different tents. If you are caught in a tight situation will zombies inside base, those tents that allow you to exit either side of them are great to lose sight of enemies in and throw them off your tail.

The best places to look for guns in Mini DayZ are the military bases so far. Try to look for a Military base early in the game and you will be loaded with guns and ammunition right from the start of the game giving you a great head start.

Every time you start, the map will be randomly generated so you must look around a bit and try to find a military base as soon as possible. Always check the structures, as they will be housing many other supplies if not weapons. It is vital for your survival.

This concludes our Mini DayZ Guns Guide – Where to Find a Weapon. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!