Mini DayZ Guide – Combat Tips, How to Survive, Tips and Strategies

Mini DayZ Guide will teach you everything you need to know about surviving in the world of Mini DayZ. The mobile game offers the same level of the challenge faced in the full version of the game. Mini DayZ is a very challenging game if you don’t know how to play it.

Lucky for you, we have some tips and tricks that will help you save your brain from the brain eaters. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will survive longer, build a base and never go hungry. So let’s start with the guide.

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Mini DayZ Guide – How to Survive, Tips and Strategies

Mini DayZ Guide details everything you need to know in order to survive in the world of DayZ like managing inventory, building a base and finding the food to keep yourself from dying.

Mini DayZ Guide

Mini DayZ Guide – Managing Inventory
When you start the game, you will have nothing in your inventory rather you will not have any sort of inventory space whatsoever. The first thing you need to do is craft a backpack, if you don’t know how to craft a backpack, take a look at our Crafting Guide here. At the start, you can only hold one item and it will drop if you pick another object. So craft a backpack as soon as possible. If you are hoarding items, it will slow you down and will hinder your survival skills.

So it is very important that you start managing your inventory right from the start of the game. Drink or eat anything that you find instantly and only hold on to bandages for emergency uses. After you are done looting a town, always manage your inventory to keep the useful items and discard the useless items or junk.

Mini DayZ Guide – Keeping an Eye on Basic Needs
Just like the original game, in Mini DayZ, you must eat and drink to stay alive. These are your basic needs. Always keep yourself well nourished. If you are low on anything you will start losing health and you will eventually die.

Always look around for food and water and keep yourself bandaged if you get hurt to avoid blood loss. The easiest way to recover blood is by using blood packs and they are very rare and hard to find so keep yourself bandaged up. Rice can be found in red and white cans around the world. Keep a lookout for them, they are the best if you are running low on health. A single can will restore around 80% of your hunger.

Treat your body well, as long as you are not too low on food and water you will slowly regenerate lost blood.

Mini DayZ Guide – Always Stay Equipped
As you scavenge around, you will find many items in the world. These could be clothes, weapons, guns or other useful items. Always wear heavy clothes as they will offer the best protection. Your standard clothes will offer little to nothing protection.

Keep guns and ammo handy as you never know when you might need them. Keep a good stock of bandages and if you manage to find a blood pack keeps it handy for extreme emergencies. You can also craft some stuff, if you need help with the crafting items, check the link provided above for our crafting guide.

When you start the game, you will get an option to choose some perks which will help you in the world. You must be very wise while choosing these initial perks as later in the game you will gain points very slowly.

Mini DayZ Guide – Use the Map
Your map is your best friend here. It will show you where you are and will also show you points of interest. The first thing that you must do when you start the game is to check the map. Find a nearby town and head there for loot.

Roads will have cars that will have useful items. Stick to the roads for too long and you will attract a lot of attention. House icon means a small neighborhood, two buildings will help you locate a city. Factory type icon represents a facility of some sort. Always check your map and keep your eyes open for the icons. Every place will offer you a variety of loot.

Mini DayZ Guide – Combat Tips
Combat is Mini DayZ is unforgiving. You can either melee your enemies or equip different weapons that you can find in the wild or craft yourself. Axes are very useful against zombies. However, you must try to find a gun as soon as possible as you will not survive without one for a long time.

Unless you find a decent weapon, you must avoid combat at all costs. Find a decent weapon as soon as possible. Even if you have weapons, always try to avoid the melee combat. In close quarters combat, chances of getting hit are very high. Check our Gun Guide if you need any help locating guns.

Even if you get a single strike, you might end up bleeding and in some rare circumstances, you might get infected which is even worse. So always try to avoid melee combat. If you are stuck in a situation where melee combat is unavoidable, then always try to spread out the enemies and kill them one at a time. The zombies will always run at you in a straight line so you have this advantage, jump around obstacles and try to lose their line of sight.

When you are firing always try to stay still as it will increase your aiming accuracy. When you are auto locking, a cross hair will appear on the zombie, if you move it will turn red and you might miss shots. Always try to stay still and then fire.

The key to survival in Mini DayZ is to keep exploring and loot up. Learn how to read your map, and check every building, car, or structure that you come across for items worth picking up. Manage your inventory space, keep an eye on your health, hunger, and thirst, and you should have no problems surviving in the world of DayZ.

This concludes our guide to Mini DayZ – How to Survive, Tips and Strategies. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!