Mini DayZ Guide – How to Craft Bandages, Crafting Materials

This Mini DayZ Guide will help you craft bandages in Mini DayZ. Creating bandages is vital in Mini DayZ because you will often get hurt while fighting zombies and unless you heal yourself, you will continue to loose blood and eventually die.

It is certain that you will not always find a bandage in the time of need and you might run out of stocked bandages. If you want to survive as long as possible, it is important that you must learn how to create a bandage yourself. This Mini DayZ Guide will teach you how to craft bandages and all the materials that you will require for creating a bandage.

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Mini DayZ Guide – How to Craft Bandages

In our Mini DayZ Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about crafting bandages in the game.

Mini DayZ Guide – Crafting Bandages

Crafting bandages in Mini DayZ is not really a difficult thing to do, just like the full version of the game. The game allows you to create a variety of bandages using different types of clothing items. The crafted bandages are not very effective like the regular bandages but they will help you in stopping the blood and prevent any further blood loss to keep you from dying.

To create a bandage, simply find an item that can be torn into pieces, t-shirts work best for such bandages. After getting such item, open you inventory. Once it is open, find the item and tap on it. It will open an interactive menu and will present you with many different options. Select the “tear into rags” option. This will make your character tear the item into rags that can be used to create bandages.

Rags will not be as effective as the regular bandages but they will stop the bleeding and return a fairly small bit of health. They are very useful for players who plan to survive for long periods in the game. You should pick up and tear as many items you find in loot which you will not use to turn them into rags. This will keep your stock of bandages high and will allow you to survive longer periods of time.

This concludes our Mini DayZ Guide – How to Craft Bandages, Crafting Materials. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!