Mini DayZ Crafting Guide – Crafting Recipes, Crafting Materials, How to Craft

Mini DayZ Crafting Guide will teach you all the basics that you need to know about the Crafting feature in Mini DayZ. Crafting is one of the most important features in Mini DayZ and the developers have given the freedom to craft different useful items like bows, arrows and even improvised storage bags.

Mini DayZ Crafting Guide will tell you in detail how to craft in DayZ plus we have also detailed how to use it in the game to make your own personal items and how to repair your damaged equipment such as weapons and clothes. We have also included all the crafting recipes in this guide so that when you are done with this article, you know everything about crafting in DayZ.

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Mini DayZ Crafting Guide

In our Mini DayZ Crafting Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know crafting in the game and finding crafting materials.

Mini DayZ Crafting

How to Craft
Mini DayZ’s crafting feature is very much identical to the original DayZ game. To craft an item, first you will need to collect all the ingredients that are mentioned in that item’s recipe. When you have acquired all the ingredients, simply drag those items on top of each other to combine them and craft the required item.

This is a very simple process and it well made for the mobile devices. Once you are familiar with the mechanics and know how the crafting feature works, you will be crafting your own bases, weapons, clothes and other gear in no time. As of now, bow is the only craftable weapon however, you can look here to find out where the firearms spawn so you can get a head start in the game.

Crafting Recipes
After learning the basics of crafting, it is time for you to start crafting some basic items for your survival. We have listed here all currently known recipes in Mini DayZ for your ease. There are not a lot of items that can be crafted at the moment but still the available options in the game will keep you busy for some time.

Starting with bows and arrows. A bow is the simplest item to craft in the game however the hardest part of crafting is to find the required ingredients. Once you have obtained all the ingredients, crafting is all simple as ABC.

For a bow, you will need a piece of rope and an Ashwood Stick. You can chop different trees to get different wooden resources. For crafting arrows, gather some wooden sticks and a knife and you will be good to go.

As we mentioned earlier, so far bows and arrows are the only weapons that you can craft at your will. Another item that you craft in the game is the Improvised Bag. It has 3 slots and you will need one piece of rope and a Burlap Sack. Simply combine them together and you will have an improvised bag which can store three items.

To upgrade this improvised bag, simply gather three more Wooden Sticks and use them with the bag to upgrade your Improvised Bag to Improvised Bagpack. This will upgrade the slots to 5 from 3 allowing you to store more items in your bag.

The last item that you craft in the game if the Fireplace. Fireplace allows you to build a fire anywhere you place it. To make a Fireplace, you will need Wood Piles combined with Rags, Wooden Sticks or Paper. Once it has been constructed, you can put it anywhere you like and light it up with a set of matches.

This concludes the crafting section. After crafting, another feature that you must know about is repairing your equipment. Your equipment will take damage over time and it is very important that you keep on repairing it otherwise it will lose its functionality. Using a duct tape will recover around 15% an item’s health. However, if you use a Sewing Kit, it will restore 50% health to almost all items. For weapons, use cleaning kits and it will restore its health by 25%.

You can also find a lot of other firearms in the world of Mini DayZ. Crafting is somewhat limited to some items at the moment however you explore the world and get more firearm.

This concludes our Mini DayZ Crafting Guide – Crafting Recipes, Crafting Materials, How to Craft. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!