Deck Nine: Chloe Is A “Wrecking Ball” In Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Fans of Life Is Strange were more than excited when Square Enix revealed Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, which is a prequel to the first game. However, this time we will play as Chloe Price and now the devs have explained what her role will be in the game.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm co-director, Chris Floyd explained in a Twitter post that what makes Chloe different from Max Caulfield. According to Floyd, what makes Chloe different from Max is her destructive capabilities and said that Chloe is a “wrecking ball that just bashes through the things that are in front of her”.

He further talked about removing the time traveling abilities from the upcoming game. According to Floyd, the time traveling abilities were removed to make the choices more impactful saying “you’re really going to agonize over them” and this will make the game’s experience more powerful.

However, that is not the only Life Is Strange game in development as Dotnod has confirmed that Life Is Strange 2 is already in development. Dotnod is working on Life is Strange 2 a sequel to Life Is Strange which makes it two Life Is Stange games in development right now.

The studio announced it through a recent Steam Community blog post, confirming that there are two Life is Strange games in development and one of them is Lif Is Strange 2.

So yes, that means there are now TWO Life is Strange projects in development, with DONTNOD Entertainment having also recently announced that they are also working on a new game. You’ll be the first to hear when we have more news on their game but for now, let’s focus on the newly announced Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

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