Nintendo Is Giving Away A Rare Free Pokemon In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Nintendo is giving away a free Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon to players in US, Europe and Australia. This Pokemon Sun and Moon giveaway is also special since the free Pokemon being given out is a rare variant of Tapu Koko and can’t be found in the wilderness.

The shiny form of Tapu Koko is unavailable in the game itself so the only way players can get this free Pokemon is through this giveaway, similar to numerous other Pokemon Sun and Moon giveaways Nintendo has had in the past. The Shiny Tapu Koko also comes equipped with an Electric Seed and is level 60 from the start so players won’t have to spend time grinding levels for it.

The Electric Seed which Shiny Tapu Koko carries also boosts its defense in electric terrain which this free Pokemon creates whenever it enters battle. This makes the pokemon highly useful and handy when it comes to defense and electric damage since it abilities, Nature’s Madness, Discharge, Agility and Electro Ball all favor it in such situations.

In order to unlock this free Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, players simply have to open the Mystery Gift from the game menu and receive the gift via internet. Once the gift has been redeemed, the Shiny Tapu Koko can be picked up from any Pokemon Center. Nintendo’s commitment to free content for these games is definitely commendable as they also recently gave away five rare Mega Stones to players.

The Alola Journey doesn’t just end here however, despite giving players constant new challenges and community objectives, Nintendo will also be releasing Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in November this year featuring an alternate story. Fans of the classic Pokemon Gold and Silver games can repurchase those games from the 3DS eShop in September and any Pokemon they catch in those games can also be transferred over to Sun and Moon through the Pokemon Bank.