Doomfist Nerfed in Overwatch PTR to Balance Mobility and Damage

Overwatch PTR is a great place for Blizzard to test all upcoming changes including characters to the game before they are deployed on live servers. The inclusion of Doomfist, game’s upcoming character to Overwatch PTR is no different and it seems like it was a good move on Blizzard’s part as far as character tweaking goes.

After one week in his original state, Doomfist has now been nerfed on Overwatch PTR servers. If the change goes as intended and Blizzard ends up being satisfied with the result, Doomfist should soon be making his way to normal game servers. According to PTR players, one of his major moves, Rocket Punch, and pretty much his combo starter (Doomfist’s gameplay relies a lot on melee combos) has been nerfed.

Rocket Punch allows Doomfist to dash ahead in a straight line, depending on how long the ability key is held, and then strike a player, dealing some damage and pushing them back. If the enemy player hits a wall after pushed back, they are stunned for a while. Previously on Overwatch PTR, Rocket Punch’s range was 30 meters allowing him to not only charge into battle but also escape easily. However, it seems like the range has now been decreased to 21 meters to balance his movement with damage opportunity as well considering map sizes.

While there has been no official word from Blizzard detailing this change, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to imagine map and “lane” sizes being a major reason for this range decrease. Players have been able to backcap objectives simply by dashing through areas thanks to the low cooldown and range of his abilities.

Considering how much damage he can deal with max range if he stuns a player (in my PTR test, a fully charged Rocket Punch was able to kill another full health Doomfist with just one punch) this range balance should keep the community happy and the character at a decent level of mobility.