A List Of Known Destiny 2 Beta Issues Prior To The Beta Early Access Provided by Bungie

While the Destiny 2 beta still hasn’t started yet, with early access set to begin on 18th July, Bungie has released a list of known Destiny 2 beta issues so players go in forewarned and don’t start flooding the support if some issues pop up. Considering it is a beta, problems like game crashes and network issues are to be expected.

Since Destiny 2 is set for a September release, Bungie still has time to learn from these Destiny 2 beta issues and then fix the game accordingly before official launch. It should also be noted that currently not all the game content is available in all supported languages, however, the final game should have the complete content for every supported language.

Since Bungie is aware of the Destiny 2 issues given below and on their website, it will be pointless to contact support for these problems. However, if players do run into some problem not listed, they should proceed to the Destiny 2 help forum and share their issue so it can be tracked and fixed as soon as possible.

Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the Beta
Bungie will be testing server stability throughout the Beta, which may cause error codes to appear periodically
Location names sometimes do not appear during Crucible gameplay
Players sometimes are Kicked to Orbit after witnessing a black screen when entering a Countdown match
Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress
Sandbox balancing is still taking place: Some weapons or abilities may have higher or lower damage than intended
Not all content has been localized in all languages
If you encounter any network related issues during the Destiny 2 Beta, please follow our Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure proper network settings for Destiny gameplay.

While it is nice that Bungie is running an early access beta followed by open beta for consoles this month and a PC beta in August, the developers should make sure that they learn from the beta and the issues with the original Destiny to make sure the launch of Destiny 2 is as smooth as possible.