11-Time Convicted Thief Steals Pregnant Woman’s Xbox

A Britsh pregnant woman had her Xbox stolen recently and accused her friend, Nathan, of stealing the console. The Xbox was at her partner’s house where she visited with Nathan and another friend. The man in question has been to prison 11 times for theft so it was natural to accuse him of stealing.

Nathan broke into the house and stole console and according to the woman, he had it planned. Both parties appeared on The Jeremy Kyle show where Nathan was put through a lie-detector test.

The pregnant lady stated that when they visited her partner’s house, Nathan asked to go to the bathroom. He went to the kitchen and left a window open for him to come back to later when no one was home. Nathan crawled through the window, came into the house, and stole the Xbox.

However, he made a mistake of taking the box in which it came in. Why would a random thief go through junk to find the box? A valid question from the lady.

Anyways, Nathan was put through the lie-detector and as you would expect by now, he failed. But he didn’t admit to his mistake and all parties are considering sending him back to prison.

Nathan has previously stolen from old people and it seems the prison is not able to help him improve.

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